Research Areas and Expertise:

  • Social and Cultural Theories
  • Social and Cultural Anthropology
  • Science and Technology Studies (STS)
  • Marine Social Sciences
  • Nature/Culture Relations
  • Qualitative Methods, Ethnography

I am an expert on French sociology and anthropology (classic and contemporary), pragmatism and practice theories, social sciences of nature and sociological experimentalism. Through the terms „heterogeneous cooperation“ and / or „co-laboration“ I am actually moved by the question on how social, cultural and political heterogeneous actors could cooperate and share knowledge spaces. Together with a bunch of colleagues from sociology, social anthropology and science and technology studies (STS), I seek for answers through an experimentalist approach, that is, through a combination of qualitative methods, especially ethnographic explorations with a relational theoretical mode of knowledge generation.

Facing actual global socio-cultural frictions and increasing socio-material diversities, my claim is that social cohesion and progress cannot rely exclusively on shared experiential backgrounds any more. As a consequence, a social science of experience is needed, as experiental differences and breaks constitute, on the one hand, the basis for conflict and violence; however they can, on the other hand, give way for innovation and new types of cooperation. My query spans from the political field (social cohesion) to nature-society enactments within the planetary ecological crisis. For a planned research project I am drawing in particular on marine social science, building on my ethnography of a taxonomist’s biodiversity expedition in Papua New Guinea.

2012: Ethnography of a transnational marine biological Expedition in Papua New guinea

•       ​Symmetrical observations, Part I:

•       Symmetrical observations, Part II:

2018: naming marine species Joculator boguszae

Joculator boguszae

Teresa Koloma Beck 2018 on Soziopolis: