On the road

January 2021: „Testing: a mode of experimentalism?” Discussion 7.1.2021 with Noortje Marres, Warwick University UK, at RUST-lab, Faculty for Social Sciences at Ruhr University Bochum (online).

January 2021: “What’s in a field? Marine and ethnographic fieldwork as transdisciplinary devices for doing biodiversity”; talk and discussion 20.1.2021, Social Science Colloquium at Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research Bremen (ZMT).

February 2021: “Experiencing nature and society. A multi-sited inquiry into marine and ethnographic field sciences“, talk and discussion, 12.2.2021 at the doctoral colloquium, Munich Centre for Technology in Society (MCTS) at Technical University Munich.

May 2021: Talk “Two cultures, one institution: East-Western entanglements at the Volksbühne Berlin after 1989“, international conference Redefining Theatre: Theatre and Society in Transition, Institute for Theatre Sciences at Free University Berlin.

September 2021: Talk „Formatting the field – or: Experimental enactments of nature and society in marine social sciences“, workshop The un/making of forms—Formographic inquiries into practice, accountability, and infra-critique, Institute for Sociology at Technical University Dresden.

October 2021: Talk “Erinnerung und Erfahrung: die umstrittene Problematisierung des ostdeutschen Transformationsprozesses nach 1989” at the international conference Maurice Halbwachs, Bauhaus University Weimar 16-18 October 2021.